School Meals

We have designed our School Lunch Program to offer a variety of delicious and nutritious lunch options using high quality ingredients that we are proud to serve your children as well as our own. Our menu has been reviewed by a registered dietitian with a focus developing healthy eating habits for kids. Our focus is on providing a variety of options using high quality ingredients such as 100% Organic Produce, Non-GMO Baked Good, Grass-fed Beef & Poultry raised without any antibiotics or hormones. We are mindful of the ingredients sourced as well as the packaging we use. Our packaging is eco-friendly & plant-based, minimizing our carbon footprint. 

We offer access to our lunch program 2 ways-

  1. Delivered directly to select private & charter schools around the Valley

    2. Home Delivery - Meals for the whole family!



We source local ingredients whenever possible. From organic produce to local grass-fed beef and cold pressed juice bottled in Phoenix, we're always looking for local vendors to support!



We use clean, minimally processed ingredients. Our meals are well balanced and nutrient dense. Our priority is high-quality, nutritious and delicious ingredients that are appealing to children & adults, alike… because kids eat real food too! But don’t worry, we feature a huge selection of “Kid-friendly” eats.



We source our fresh ingredients often & Prepare and Package our Meals Daily. Our lunches leave our kitchen and are delivered directly to each school.